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Image of the assembled SpikeEase product standing on end Image of the assembled SpikeEase product on its side


When you purchase a SpikeEase, you will receive two packages with your purchase. In package one, you will receive the SpikeEase unit itself, a black grip with a removable handle, an impact socket, and any accompanying literature. In package two, you will receive the tool bag which contains the impact driver as well as its accompanying battery, battery charger and tube of grease.

Package One of the SpikeEase purchase Package Two of the SpikeEase Purchase


Assembly / Disassembly

After removing all the contents from each package, remember to set the impact driver to its optimal power setting and read the manufacturer’s instructions to maintain peak performance For the Milwaukee impact driver, this is setting three.

Assembly of the SpikeEase begins with assembling the detachable handle. Slide the foam grip over the detachable handle, then screw the assembled handle into the hole near the top of the SpikeEase.

A man in work gloves continues to assemble the SpikeEase tool


Prior to operation, attach the impact socket to the anvil on the impact driver and securely mount the driver to the top of the SpikeEase. To do this, insert the driver through the nest and position the impact socket onto the shaft of the SpikeEase. The driver should seat firmly in place without any rocking or twisting. Place the strap over the back of the driver and pull up on the strap to tighten it. Then lay the remaining strap back over itself where it may be velcroed to the side. Finally, attach the battery to the driver.

Man wearing work gloves demonstrates the assembly of the SpikeEase tool  Man in work gloves demonstrates how to assemble SpikeEase


To remove the impact driver from the SpikeEase, simply do these steps in reverse order. First, remove the battery. Then, release the end of the strap from the Velcro. Next, press the lever of the cam buckle to loosen the strap. Move the strap aside so it is free of the driver, and pull the driver straight up from its nest. If the driver appears to be stuck, gently twist and rock it while pulling upwards. Double-check to ensure that the impact socket did not remain attached to the shaft.

Man in work gloves demonstrates how to disassemble and reassemble the SpikeEase tool



Once assembled, the SpikeEase is ready for operation. Before doing so, ensure that you are wearing the appropriate PPE equipment. This includes safety boots, safety gloves, safety glasses, hard hats, and hearing protection.

The impact driver’s directional switch, found near its trigger, will determine which direction the SpikeEase claw moves in; upward or downward. The arrows located just below the strap anchor plates correspond with the direction the claw will travel. Simply press the button on the side with the corresponding arrow to move the claw in the direction indicated.

Hand in work gloves demonstrates the directional switch


The SpikeEase claw must be in the fully extended, downward position prior to pulling each spike. Place the SpikeEase on a flat surface. Squeeze the trigger while in the downward position until you feel the SpikeEase lift slightly off the ground and you hear a ratcheting sound. Then immediately release the trigger as you have now reached the claws’ fully extended position.

Down arrow

GIF: SpikeEase lifting


Place the SpikeEase on top of the spike you want to remove so that it’s between the two jaws of the claw. Then, reverse the direction by pressing the directional switch that corresponds to the up arrow and squeeze the trigger again.

SpikeEase on spike

Cutaway illustration

Up arrow


As the claw grabs the head of the spike and begins to pull it upward, you should feel the SpikeEase stiffen. Release the trigger and give a quick visual inspection to ensure the angle of the SpikeEase is within tolerance - as referenced in the operation manual - and that the unit is centered over the spike.

GIF: Spike being pulled

Visual inspection


If all seems well after the visual inspection, continue pulling until you have dislodged the spike. You will hear the impact driver ratchet as it engages and pulls the spike out. As the spike loosens, you will hear the ratcheting start to dissipate.

GIF: Spike pulled


To release a freshly pulled spiked, slightly lift the SpikeEase, reverse the direction of the claw, and briefly squeeze the trigger. The spike will fall freely from the bottom of the SpikeEase and you may now continue onto the next spike.

Down arrow

GIF: Spike released


Remember to carefully follow all maintenance protocols as outlined in the maintenance section of the operation manual. Note that if the SpikeEase stops suddenly, it means the battery has been completely depleted. Simply install a fully charged battery and continue. If your SpikeEase is not working for any other reason, you may contact our customer support and we will be happy to remedy any issues you may have with your SpikeEase battery-operated spike remover. Happy pulling!

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