FTS’ SpikeEase Sales Continue to Spike as Class 1’s Use Tool

The Marmon/Berkshire-Hathaway Company’s Success Continues After Strong Finish to 2019

Hackettstown, NJ — Focused Technology Solutions, Inc.—a Marmon/Berkshire Hathaway Company— is excited to announce that the SpikeEase is continuing to pull in orders from multiple Class 1 railroads. 

The company’s flagship product’s strong start to 2020 follows a very successful fourth quarter of 2019. 

“Business is about having a great product, great engineering and great customer service,” FTS President, Peter Bartek, said. “To be successful, we at Focused Technology Solutions first start with our customer’s experience and then work our way toward the technology — not the other way around.”

The SpikeEase is the first battery-operated and hydraulic-free spike puller on the market. Our customers have reported an increase in productivity, as the tool pulls spikes in just three-to-seven seconds and weighs under 30lbs. 

For more information on the SpikeEase click here. 

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