Focused Technology Solutions Announces Strategic Partnerships with International Resellers

Australia's Specialised Force and Canada’s Davanac will carry FTS’ SpikeEase.

Focused Technology Solutions, Inc.—a Marmon/Berkshire Hathaway Company— is excited to announce they have expanded into the global market by setting up strategic resellers in Australia (Specialised Force) and Canada (Davanac).

Both resellers will carry FTS’ flagship product, the SpikeEase.

“We're fortunate to have found distributive partners like Specialized Force and Davanac; well established railroad businesses run by exceptional people with customer-responsive cultures,” Kirk Kreisher, FTS’ VP of Sales, said.

“At FTS, we're experiencing worldwide enthusiasm for our flagship product, the SpikeEase, and we are striving toward capitalizing on those international market opportunities.”

After its early success in the United States, the SpikeEase will now be available at each of Specialised Force’s nine locations in Australia and Davanac’s five locations in Canada.

“We believe representing FTS will allow us to continue to build our core strengths and enhance our product mix,” Adam Drescig, Davanac’s Key Account Manager, said. “This is a progressive step in the growth of Davanac and an opportunity to work collaboratively with like-minded partners who are 100 percent railway focused, just as we are.”

“You would only understand how great this tool is if you have removed rail spikes the traditional way,” Kevin Harrold, SF’s National Product and Marketing Manager, said. “SF commenced marketing the SpikeEase around a month ago, and we’ve had overwhelming results.

The SpikeEase is the first battery-operated and hydraulic-free spike puller on the market. To learn more about this disruptive tool, click here.

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