The First Ever Battery Operated Spike Remover.

Our SpikeEase increases production, reduces injuries, and eliminates the need for hydraulics. Even better, the SpikeEase is proven to work as fast as 3-7 seconds per spike.*

Wait, Battery Operated?

Yes. Battery operated. We mean no hydraulics, no gas powered generators, no 50 foot hydraulic hoses or hazardous and dangerous fluids. Oh, and say goodbye to the claw bar too while you're at it.

What Are the Benefits?

  • No hazardous hydraulics.
  • Lightweight: weighs only 25.8 lbs (up to 20 lbs. lighter than conventional hydraulic devices).**
  • Spike removal time as fast as 3-7 seconds per spike.*
  • No need for a gas powered generator.
  • No hydraulic hoses or fluids.
  • No need for the dangerous claw bar.
  • SpikeEase meets FRA Rule 22, and unlike the claw bar, won’t cause adjacent track violations. 

* When tested on end of life-cycle spikes.
** Weight does not include drill.

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